Banking is Changing, Payments are evolving, and Open Source and open frameworks are accelerators of that change.

We believe that the future is commoditized banking services in the cloud.

This applies to both emerging digital only banks and digital transformation strategies at existing banks. The transformation from legacy bespoke solutions in banking operations to lighter weight frameworks and commoditized banking and payment rails is already underway. We anticipate a rich ecosystem of finTechs globally enabled by our commercialized version of the award winning Mifos and Fineract software stack.

Our offering is cloud enabled banking and payments.

"Open source will catalyze the financial services industry’s biggest evolution to date. This evolution will shift the power in this $25 trillion industry from business executives to developers, not just in fintech companies, but in centuries-old incumbents, as well....

... The Mifos Initiative, leaders of the Mifos X platform, now an Apache project [fineract], is an open source banking core. Developers can access free open source libraries and benefit from the expertise of a global community to build cost-effective banking applications..."

(Andreessen Horowitz Future Blog)

Alluvial is pleased to be part of the Monetary Authority of Signapore (MAS) global CBDC challenge via our partnership with ExtoLabs and the ExtoPay Solution.

We provide the bank account solution via our classic core banking solution and banking APIs.

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